Welcome the first episode of After Hours, so grab your shovels and crow calls because we’re digging into history and flying over the hills of ancestry.

I’m your host, GRÆBLE, and tonight, we’re diving deep into a topic that’s not only close to my heart but also to my very identity.

-German Origins
-Swiss Origins
-Early US origins
-Genesis of Græble (the artist)
-Sneak Peaks

In tonight’s episode, we are diving into the creative process of underground artist NeverDrive.
A shoegaze full band project created by miss Rissy Padilla.

Listen to More NeverDrive on Soundcloud

In tonight’s episode, we are diving into the creative process with the lead singer Omar of the band OMI.O. Omio.o are a NM band that makes music to clean your house to.

Listen to More on https://omiomusic.com

Tonight I will be talking with Entropy In Motion.

A one man music experience from La Jara, Colorado. A diverse soundscape of Entropy In Motion, with a sonic palette that defies boundaries, Entropy In Motion weaves a musical journey through Stoner Rock, Desert Rock, Doom Metal, Djent, Ambient, LoFi Hip-Hop, World Music, Electronic, Downtempo, and Latin. His 8-string and 6-string guitars take center stage, delivering guitar-centric compositions.

Want to hear more Entropy In Motion? Listen on Spotify

Ever wondered what the Grable album Entrøpy was all about?

What inspired the album and story? or perhaps you just liked it so much, that you want more? Well then tonight you are in for a treat! 🍬 Come with me on the journey through the story of Entrøpy.

Chapters 1-13 Explained From Fatal System Errors to AI Vroombas.
All the emotional influences and internal paranoia you can think of.

If you would like to read the full written story. you can do so at your own pace HERE
and if you would like to listen to the Entrøpy music, you can hear it on YouTube
You can also find some cool Entrøpy merch HERE like t-shirts of your favourite character perhaps!