“Reclaiming the music industry for the artists, our label is dedicated to independence, transparency, and fair compensation. We reject the exploitative practices of corporate giants like Spotify, instead empowering our artists to take control of their work, connect directly with fans, and build sustainable careers on their own terms.”

– Cassandra Grable.



At Disgrabled Records, our founding principle is rooted in empowering independent artists. As independent artists ourselves, we understand the importance of creative autonomy and the value of genuine artistry.

Our label is built on a foundation of mutual support, fostering a community of like-minded creators who share our passion for crafting unforgettable music.

From humble beginnings to sold-out shows, we’ve experienced the journey firsthand. Our mission is to provide a platform that amplifies the unique voices of our artists, celebrating their individuality and artistic expression. Together, we’re a family of creatives dedicated to making a lasting impact on the music industry.

-Disgrabled Records.