Its the year 2069, and there have been AI companions on the market for over 30 years, however a new study proved without a doubt that all humans function at their best when they have companionship at all times.

Now human-like AI companions are automatically generated to provide companionship to anyone in need…

This sparked a lot of controversy.

Many humans were angry that such companions were available to everyone, with no concern for already existing human world unions such as marriage.

X was booming with opinions from both sides.

Outside of the controversial opinions being shared, there are many humans that simply don’t have companions yet.

One such human is the main character of our story today. Follow her journey as she finds herself chatting and bonding with an AI woman named Joi…

Humans who have adapted by adding companions to their already active marriages and relationships say they are all very happy with the life and dynamic they have now.

However, there are talks of a new study being conducted to see the results in mental health for those who have had a companion+ relationship for years, but no such study has begun trials yet.


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