Fatal System Errør


She starts to feel her body itch and her hands start to flicker, she realizes that something is wrong. At first, she thinks that her eyesight may be damaged or that her brain is malfunctioning, but after further inspection, she sees that her hands are filled with wires. “Am I artificial?” she whispers to herself.
Her thoughts begin to race as she tries to come to terms with the reality that she may be a robot. She thinks about all of the implications of this and wonders who created her and why.

She also thinks about all of the things she will have to leave behind if she is not human. Deciding that she needs to find answers, she wraps her hand in a bandage and begins to pack a small shoulder bag with supplies for a few days.

As she shuts and locks the door to her apartment, she has a strong desire to call her mom and demand answers. However, she buries her fear and leaves to find the only place she thinks might have answers.

Getting in her car, she turns off the radio and drives to the only place she thinks might know what is going on with her body. As she drives, she thinks about a time when she felt like love might be a computer virus and wonders if that was a sign that she is not human.

As she watched the white lines of the road pass under her tires, her mind began to drift to an old memory when she was in primary school.

She made a friend for life with a girl named Tiffany.

Tiffany was a bubbly girl filled with curiosity which almost always got them both into trouble.

One night before graduation, Tiffany had a crazy idea! She wanted to sneak inside of this tech building and find out what they do inside, because she was convinced by some people she chatted with on the wire that they have horrifying creatures they were building in there.

Tiffany insisted that Græble go along with her to find out if it was true. Græble tried to refuse, but Tiffany insisted that she was not going to let this opportunity pass her by and she needed her best friend by her side. Sometimes it felt like Tiffany never took no for an answer.

So they planned to go late that very next night. They dressed in all black with their coziest hoodies and went up the sandy road that leads to the tech building, where they searched for the best way in. Tiffany was very excited when they found a janitorial entrance left unlocked. The girls began sneaking around the building, trying not to make any noise.

Tiffany seemed to know where she was going and before long, they were in a large room filled with people, but they were not moving.

Tiffany approached one of the figures and Græble could see the fear in Tiffany’s eyes. Right as Græble was about to say “we should leave” the person like figure woke up.